"To Flow Is To Go From One Place To Another..."

To flow is to go from one place to another in a steady stream, typically in large numbers. The term flow offers a calming serenity, to move freely in our daily routine without struggle. We wish that we could have more of this tranquility in everyday life, with this some may assume a meditative practice. However, the human condition is infinitely more complex than that, so our fast-paced methods of contemporary living forces us to flow steadily yet sporadically like electrons surrounding nuclei. Though we are flowing, we may often travel in circles and repeat behaviors. Meaningful intent beyond thoughts of self-preservation are what make us as individuals uniquely human. Deliberate activity through the creative lens allows us to at least perceive earthly chaotic nature with a subtle sensitivity; with the possibility of altering our physical and cognitive behavior to accompany the activated sub-conscious through creative processes. With this, one may assume the artists of this world travel against the flow.

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Leslie Kaufman