Nancy Agati

Nancy Agati’s work addresses transformations and patterns in nature through physical investigations of materials. Read More.

Ligia Bouton and Matt Donovan

Duck, Swan, Goose: New Decoys, New Forms is a multifaceted installation that takes its cue from the work of John James Audubon as well as America’s dependence on plastics. Read More.

Elizabeth Mackie and Kaitlyn Paston

Climate change is evidence of human influence on the planet’s timeline. Address the River draws attention to the harmful effects of society’s behavior on our beloved resource, the Delaware River.
Read More. 

Grant McFarland and Anna Van Voorhis

Continuum is an abstracted representation of the river, a microcosm of the waterway’s verdant potential, constrained as it is by human influence. Read More.

Simone Spicer

I have been working with materials from the waste stream since before the term was commonly known. In the 90’s, I built sculpture from found materials out of necessity. Read More.